Piccolo Birrificio S.r.l,
Apricale, Italy

Preface: Over the last few months I have been approached by the folks at B. United International, a respected importer of some of the most esoteric brews in the world. I congratulate them on their efforts and know of a few restaurants that are offering the beers and ales imported by B. United a real chance to be discovered.

This bottle of Sesonette was obtained at a local Whole Foods outlet for $8.99 for an 11.2oz bottle. This particular outlet (Houston Street in Manhattan, NY) has its’ own “beer store” where bottles and six different beers/ales are on tap and sold as “growlers.”

The brand representative tells me that the Italians consider any beer/ale that is spiced/herbed to be their version of a “saison”…

Keeping that in mind following are my tasting notes…

Appearance: This is a “bottle-conditioned brew so there is significant cloudiness. It is a dark straw/golden amber color with a thin but dense head that leaves a fine “Belgian Lace.”

Aroma: Initial sensation is that of sniffing a sample of gin… and then there is a funky wild yeast aroma. The second visit reveals what could be perceived as ginger and orange. The third trip, the moment between lip and sip, reveals more of the spiced flavors.

Mouth feel: A medium mouth feel is immediately overtaken by flavors that need time to put names to…

Flavor: There is a lot happening with the flavors of this brew and it is a bit unusual. If you are not ready for this unusual trip the first impression will probably be quite negative. The second sip has you oriented and if you are ready, sets you up for a third sip. Now the flavors seem to begin to fall together into an understandable chorus. I would compare it to visiting an Italian style restaurant where all the staff and the customers speak Italian, know each other and tolerate strangers with only a hint of interest. In that case you either listen, in this case taste or learn or you leave.

Finish: There is a short “thank-you” from the unusual flavors and then they are gone.

Comments: Sesonette is an unusual brew. The adjuncts mentioned on the label include juniper, chinotto peel and coriander. A second bottle tasted a lot better, once I knew what to expect. This is a real taste-tester for beer lovers.

Alcohol content – 6% abv
The Brewery: http://www.piccolobirrificio.com/

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