The Fourth of July holiday falls on Sunday this year and that will insure, weather willing, outdoor festivities.

With the exception of those who are teetotalers this means that beer will probably be the beverage of choice. How this choice is made can, pun intended, be as simple as price to volume ratio. The greater quantity for the least cost formula can still present a plethora of choices. This where brand loyalty steps in.

Should the flavor of the chosen brew come into the formula? No.

Beer in a can, served al fresco, should be iced and the ice cold brew will have little flavor… simply refreshing.

This means choosing either a selection of brews or a single selection and plenty of it.

Being an All American boy, I have plans to provide the beer for a family cook out.

There will be at least two persons who enjoy multiple servings. One or two others are one-can consumers. Of course, left-over is not a bad thing and should be included in determining the amount of brew to acquire.

My calculation is based on the formula of one 12 oz. can of beer consumed every forty five minutes over three hours. For the above event that comes to two six packs for consumption and two more for unexpected guests and “left-over”. Total is one case of canned beer.

The weather should be close to 90F, 60% humidity, a 5 mph intermittent breeze and crystal clear blue skies. A swimming pool will be involved.

The menu will be grilled chopped meat, sausages of beef and pork, chicken parts and the salads and condiments traditional to a cook out.

What beer will I be bringing? Stay tuned…