A taste of… Legbiter Ale Strangford Lough Brewing Co. 22 Shore Rd Killyleagh, BT30 9UE United Kingdom (Northern Ireland

Preface: Once again a sample of beer sent to me before St. Patrick’s Day this year finds its way from the deepest darkest recesses of the refrigerator. It is the second of two beers sent to me by Genesee Brewing Company after they teamed up with the Strangford Lough Brewing Co. to produce and distribute this product. The origin of the name of the beer can be found on the back label of the bottle: “On the day of his death in Ireland, King Magnus is described as “regaled with the helmet up on his head, a red shield on which was gilded a lion and girt with the sword of Legbiter”. Legbiter’s hilt was tooth (ivory) and the handgrip wound about with gold thread and the sword was extremely sharp!” Other important information includes it is “Product of USA. Crafted from barley grown in St. Patrick’s country.” The label also notes that the alcohol content is 4.8% by volume.

Appearance: Here we have a red Amber colored brew with enthusiastic enough carbonation to form a tall dense very light sandy brown head of small and medium sized bubbles that fall fairly rapidly leaving behind a good example of Belgian lace.

Aroma: The first impressions include more of a floral, almost new mowed grass, and very little malt aroma. A second impression reveals unbundle its own of roasted caramel malt. The third nosedive brings out more of the malt aromas as the floral hop flavors make themselves comfortable.

Flavor: After the refreshing sensation of ale sampled at the correct temperature, the first sip reveals a solid impression of roasted candy caramel malt. There is a brief hop bite towards the end of the sip. The second impression reveals more of the roasted candy flavor of the malt as the hop bite again makes itself comfortable with the flavor receptors. The third swig allowed both the hops and the malt flavors to enter into a rather intimate relationship.

Mouth feel: This is not a heavy beer but neither is it a lightweight.

Finish: As this is not a terribly aggressive beer the finish is pleasantly refreshing.

Comments: These tasting notes, as well as most of the other tasting notes on this blog, are the results of tasting beer fairly early in the day so that the taste receptors haven’t had time to be distracted by either lunch or coffee break. That said, in this case, I rather wish this tasting could have taken place later in the day accompanied by half a dozen local oysters.

This is a particular instance when “tasting” should be secondary to the enjoyment of having the previously mentioned oysters accompany the drinking of this beer. But that’s a post for another day…

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