Just before the UVM graduates and their fans began arriving for their celebrations last week I had a chance to visit The Alchemist, in Waterbury, VT. It was a warm Sunday so their “Shut the Hell Up” (3.7% abv) was a most refreshing way to begin the visit. The staff was just as welcoming. And, I was lucky enough that both the brewer/owner John Kimmich and the chef du cuisine, his wife Jen, were there to chat about the place and their plans. In the picture below I’m the one with the hat on.

Left to Right: chef du cuisine Jen Kimmich, brewer John Kimmich, your humble scribe.

That’s not beer on my shirt… it was a hot day!

On the tour John pointed out a true relic of the Vermont brewpub community. The mash tun pictured below is one that came from the Vermont Brewpub in Burlington, VT.

And what is in the works at the Alchemist? The good folks of Vermont can look forward to Alchemist in a can soon. The brewery is expanding and details to come…