Genesee Brewing Co./ Dundee Brewing Co. 445 Saint Paul St. Rochester, New York, 14605 United States (585) 546-1030(585) 546-1030Dundee India Pale Ale

Preface: This 12 oz. bottle of Dundee English-style Ale was sent to me by the folks at Dundee Brewing Co. (There is a dating code on the neck of the bottle 2671 03:15 4E)

The following are my tasting notes:

A maple syrup brown brew with enthusiastic carbonation of large bubbles that quickly knit and just as quickly rip a fine head and a rugged Belgian Lace.

Aroma: The first impression is of a cool morning in a well-wooded rural area. The second impression brought out wisps of burnt sugar candy. The third nosedive brought out grain accents to the sweeter impression.

Flavor: After a well-chilled refreshment of the taste receptors, the primary flavors to pop up were grain and biscuit impressions that faded as a sharp tang of citric flavor rushed forward and then faltered. The second sip revealed more of the sharp spikes of citric that are only touched on by the sweet grain first impression. A third swig revealed a more balanced flavor combination arrived at between the citric and the sweet.

Mouth feel: This is a full bodied brew… almost chubby but not quite.

Finish: This brew has a lingering body that is neither a sweet or citric sensation.

Comments: There is an adage in the wine world that goes… “Talks dry, drinks sweet.” It is almost universally applied to North American wine drinkers of less than a cellar education. I will now apply that quote to the state of the North American India Pale Ale. It came as no surprise. The distinctive British hops and water makes replication futile. The way around this is to call something a “style”… as in “Belgian-style Lambic” or “Bavarian-style Wheat Beer”. This is an American-style India Pale Ale and as such has a fine character.

Serve this with a slab of grilled or broiled salmon and roasted small potatoes and you will have a fine dinner… Make that two bottles please.

The Brewery: Dundee Brewing Co

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