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Alphabet City Brewing Co.

The folks at up-and-coming Alphabet City Brewing Co. and the folks at Times Square destination Virgil’s BBQ got together and arranged for “EVille Brown Ale” to meet up with the BBQ sisters; Texas Brisket, Miss West North Carolina and Miss East North Carolina, as well as the charmers from St. Louis and Kansas City and Memphis.

As many different charms each tasty one had, his smooth sweet introduction and not a bitter note from beginning to end and refreshing finish only left the next meeting even more tempting.

The first taste was a dish of the chicken wings. They were crisp and moist with a hint of smoke and a sauce that was on the edge of hot and pleasantly warm.

Together the hearty E’Ville’s not-too-sweet and just-enough pucker-power made nice with the moist flesh and saucy complements of the chicken.

The rest of the tasting that went on will have to be explained in another installment of “The Art of Beer and Food Arranged Marriages”.