100 Tips, Tricks, and Projects

Make Yourself a Better Beer Drinker

By Ben Robinson published by Workman Publishing, NY

Recently a Chloe Puton, the Associate Director of Publicity at Workman Publishing sent me a copy of BeerHacks via UPS followed by an Email, inquiring as to its arrival; all unsolicited.

After thirty years in my profession I will assume this means she wants me to publicly comment on this book.

After reading Beer Hacks I can tell you it comes with a “church key” in a plastic pocket that is part of the hard cover.

I can also report that I now know how to turn beer bottles into glasses, guitar slides, shot glasses and votive candle holders. Why? I still don’t know.

The parts on How to Order and Cary Beers at sporting events, party drinking, Beer Pong and Shotgun tips, Beer Festival Survival hints and how to tap a keg of beer safely are probably included in the by-laws of Greek Societies on the college and university campuses here in the United States of America.

And I must take exception and make a point of information regarding “HACK # 62, “Beer before Liquor never sicker, Liquor before beer you’re in the clear.”

“The problem with this handy little dandy is that it doesn’t give an explanation as to why or why not one would or would not get sick for not adhering to the beer then liquor rule. But here’s the rub, the very people to whom this saying was meant to protect are the very ones who question it. And we all know who those people are. The college-aged Green Horns. [Editor’s note: Green Horns? Nice one grandpa.]”

However, I can report that there is a hidden gem in this collection of sound bites. In the brief Beer Cocktails section #42 he offers a recipe for “Beer Simple Syrup”… this is brilliant! Particularly using different beers. Learn how beer is actually made!

In closing I can say that Beer Hacks is a great gift for any young person starting their collage careers, especially for those going away from home for the first time. Your parents should consider this your survival guide.