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The neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights is one of over sixty neighborhoods in the borough of Brooklyn, NY, a small city of 2.649 million people.

In a city of 12,000 pubs, bars, taverns and other assorted establishments serving beverage alcohol for public consumption, ( ) the possibilities of finding active participants in determining if a beer can “Meet Expectations” figures to be at least twice the number of establishments if you include the bartender and one customer. That is an army of over 24,000!

Visiting with the bar tenders who serve at local pubs, bars and taverns and getting their reactions to a beer trying to “Meet Expectation” is not only a lot of fun, it can be very informative.

Jerry Scott, the bartender at Henry Street Ale House has a Curriculum Vite that includes some of the most colorful bars, pubs and taverns in Brooklyn. If you have a few hours to kill, and the bar is sparsely populated, I challenge you to inquire of Mr. Jerry as to his history as rock concert personal security guard.

This is the second in a continuing series of such visits.

The first was a recent visit to “The Brazen Head” on Atlantic Avenue, also here in Brooklyn, NY. Click on the following link for that adventure…

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