Three Horses Beer

“Three Horses Beer is a pale lager, brewed by Star Breweries of Madagascar since 1958. It is considered the national best-selling beer of Madagascar.  The Malagasy beer is produced at two breweries. One in Antsirabe and the other in Antsiranana. The Pilsener has a light taste and is produced from locally grown barleycorn and hops.”

“Three Horse is primarily promoted by Star Breweries as sponsor of the aptly named THB Champions League, Madagascar’s national football championship.”

“Known by the promotional slogan, “THB eo foana e!” (“THB always!”) and the trademark Soa Ny Fiarahantsika (“The Pleasure of Being Together”).”


Peter: Welcome to BeerBasics Tasting Notes. Meeting Expectations.  I’m Peter LaFrance from, and we’re going to be seeing if…. Three Horse beer from Madagascar meets expectations. We’re here at the… Henry Street Ale House, and we’re going to be with our tasters today. Introduce yourselves. Jim.

Jim Bennet: Jim Bennet

Jimmy: And, another Jim. Jimmy McKinney.

Peter: There we go. And, once we’re joined by our illustrious bartender, we’ll be ready to start. We’re back with Jerry Scott. Jerry once again, and he’s going to be pouring the Three Horse beer from Madagascar.

Jerry: Here we go.

Peter: Okay, let’s see what we’ve got here. It looks like, a very clear almost a straw colored beer.  Very tiny knit white head. Not much of an aroma, although there is a little bit of it… almost not quite a spice… A first sip we got… Silence is deafening…

Jimmy: Not much there. Kinda ordinary.

Jim: No carbonation either.

Jerry: Pretty… Pretty, non-eventish.

Peter: It’s a sweet beer, particularly

Jerry: That it is.

Peter: I can imagine that if I was in Madagascar, and it was 110 degrees out with a humidity of 110, this would probably be a very refreshing beer.

Jerry: Yep, absolutely.

Peter: But sitting here in Brooklyn on a rainy afternoon.

Jerry: Not quite January.

Peter: It’s not as thrilling as it could be. Does Three Horse meet expectations?

Jerry: Unfortunately, yes.

Peter: In that case, it does, definitely meet expectations.

Jimmy: I don’t know what the word is for it, but it’s definitely crisp-less.

Peter: We have a competition. We have, from Madagascar… Three Horse Beer. It’s going up the American contender, Budweiser. Let’s see what it’s like. Okay, we definitely have more color to this one. It’s more of a gold color rather than a light straw color, or as a sample color. The aroma… Typical Budweiser. Has a little bit of apple in there. Nothing, nothing. We have two nothings… Ricey. Now let’s try a first sip. Not much difference actually. I would say that they’re very close now. It looks like maybe.

Jimmy: I think it’s a draw.

Peter: It’s a draw. Oh no! Nil-Nil. I’m Peter LaFrance, from, and this has been Meeting Expectations.