Welcome to BeerBasics.com Tasting Notes. We’ll be tasting Starr Hill’s Taste of Honey Belgian-Style Dubbel. Let’s see if it meets expectations.

Peter: I’m Peter LaFrance from BeerBasics.com and this is Tasting Notes from the back of the fridge. We’ve got a really tough one today. This one is from Starr Hill. It says it’s a Belgian Style Doubbel ale. Now, it’s a alcohol beverage, beverage alcohol of 8.5%. If you’re really interested in this type of beer, these types of tastings, why don’t you hit the subscribe button, and that way you won’t miss any of the tastings here.We’re at the Henry Street Alehouse, and once again we’re going to be tasting from the back of the fridge, Starr Hill Taste of Honey. Today we have…

Jerry: Jerry Scott.

Jim: Jim Bennet.

Peter: Excellent. Now, they’ve been briefed on what is in this beer and what the label says, and again, you can see it in the description box below…. What are we expecting?

Jim: We are expecting a brown beer with caramel coffee. It’s a Bavarian Style beer beer.

Peter: Oh we have more taster with us. Pete.

Pete: Hey.

Peter: Okay, we’ve all been briefed on it.  Let’s have take a look at it. This is a little cloudy, don’t you think?

Jim: It’s a little cloudy and it’s brown and redish.

Jerry: The bottom here got a little bit of yeast.

Peter: Little bit of yeast? Okay. Well, it’s got a very thin head. Aroma? Caramel.

Jerry: Caramel Cognac almost.  

Peter: What do you think Peter?

Pete:I think I’m gonna give it a taste.

Peter: Okay, well, let’s go for the first sip then…. Wow. Very vinous. Almost a wine.

Jim: Big caramel.

Jerry: Little cognac.

Peter: Yep yep.

Pete: A year or two past its due date.

Peter: A little flabby.

Pete: Would be better if it was younger. I think it’s thinned a little.

Peter: Similar to the rest of us. If we were a little younger, we’d be a little less flabby.

Jim: I can definitely taste the sweet flavor.

Jerry: What year was this made?

Peter: 2012 or 2013…

Jerry: If this was five years, this would still probably have a pretty good body. Definitely lost though. Lost some in the head. Lost carbonation, lost some of the body.

Peter: Knowing that the date though that the bottle has been in. Does it meet expectations?

Jerry: It does meet expectations; I would say that.

Jim: It’s not bad but it’s a little old.

Peter: Does it meet expectations Pierre.

Pete: …

Peter: I’m Peter LaFrance for Meeting Expectations hoping all of your beers meet expectations.