Grand Teton Morning Call

(TRANSCRIPT: Grand Teton Wake Up Call Coffee Porter.)

Welcome to Tasting Notes. We’ll be tasting from Grand Teton Brewing Company, Wake Up Call, Imperial Coffee Porter, from their 2016 cellar reserves. Let’s see if it meets expectations.

Peter: Pete LaFrance from This is Meeting Expectations from the back of the fridge. We got another from Grand Teton, this is only a couple of years old. 2016, 2017. It’s a wake up call. Imperial Coffee Porter. We’ve been briefed the group here knows exactly what’s in here. The information for you folks will be in an information box at the bottom of this video. You can also look at for the real story here. Now, we’re ready for seeing if it meets expectations. Tasting today we have…

Jerry: Jerry Scott.

Jim: Jim Bennet

Peter: And, you’re going in for this Bill?

Bill: Sure.

Peter: Alright we got Bill in there with the rest of us. Let’s crack it open and see what we got. Well it is certainly pouring a dark color and a very rich head on that one. Definitely I haven’t seen any cloudiness in that port at all. Even on the finish pour, there didn’t seem to be any yeast leaves here at the bottom of that.

Jerry: Very nice.

Peter: So, what we have is a very dark beer but it’s not opaque. It has a sandy color head to it. Let’s see what kind of aroma we’ve got. I’m getting a roasted [INAUDIBLE AT 2:17] aroma. Not much of anything else though.

Jerry: Not really Steiner quality.

Jim: Dark and malty.

Peter: Well, then I guess it’s time for the first sip.  Not Surprising. There is some sharpness that I’m not quite expecting. What do you think Jer?

Jerry: Yeah, you can taste a twintch of that alcohol. You can taste the 7.5 in there. I’m not really getting a lot of coffee. A little bit of aftertaste on the back tongue. It’s a little sweet.

Bill: I’m not getting coffee.

Jerry: Just on the finish really. Little bit of coffee.

Peter: Okay, that brings us to the finish. It doesn’t…

Jerry: Not quite there.

Peter: It doesn’t quite finish. It lingers a little bit, but it doesn’t finish.

Jerry: No, not very big on the finish. It kinda dissipates and leaves a little bit of coffee on the back of the tongue.

Jim: But the good news is you could drink a big glass of it.

Jerry: It’s a nice beer, it’s a nice beer, but not quite meeting my expectations.

Peter: Wake up call. So, I guess this time, we’d have to say… Wake Up Call doesn’t quite wake up. Doesn’t meet expectations. And—Does it?

Jim: It does not. It’s a little bit light on expectations, but it’s not a bad beer. But it’s not quite what I thought it would be.

Bill: Unfortunately, no, I don’t think so.

Peter: And there’s a shake of the head on that one. Well, does it meet expectations Jer?

Jerry: Little under expectations. It’s a nice beer, I certainly enjoyed it, but not the real coffee and chocolate I was looking for. But, nonetheless,  nice beer.

Peter: And, there we have it, from the Ale House, in Brooklyn. Pete LaFrance, from, hoping all of your beers meet expectations.