ABV: 3.5%

 BeerBasics.com Tasting Notes. This time we’re seeing if Cerveza Sol Chelada can meet expectations.

Peter: Peter LaFrance from BeerBasics.com, and this is Meeting Expectations. This one, we’ve got something interesting. Once again, we’re at the Alehouse, at Brooklyn Heights… and we’re going to be trying something rather unique. Sol Chelada, according to the label, a beer with natural flavors and artificial [INAUDIBLE 00:55]. Where have we heard this before? Plenty of times. We’re going to take a look at it and of course pictures of the can itself and label information is going to be at BeerBasics.com. Go to BeerBasics.com for any of the technical information and pictures of the label as well. That way you can get all of the information. It says here it has a flavorful and refreshing mix of Sol beer with tomato, natural lime, and spiced flavors. Okay, so this is supposed to be a summer beer. It is a Mexican beer. It is a light beer. It has tomatoes in it. And we’re going to see if it meets expectations. Once again, we’re with, the bartender…

Jerry: Jerry Scott.

Peter: And…

Jim: Jim Bennet.

Peter: Alright. Are we ready to open it?

Jerry: Oh I’m [INAUDIBLE 01:55]…

Jim:  It looks like it has tomato in it.

Peter: Jesus that is the strangest looking freaking beer I have ever seen.

Jerry: The ingredients sound like a Bloody Mary more than a beer.

Peter: Yeah. What did it used to be called back in the old days, a beer and tomato.

Jerry: Red eye.

Peter: It was a red eye. Alright, James. Let’s take a look at it. It’s definitely…

Jim: Grapefruit colored. Red grapefruit.

Peter: Red grapefruit color that’s for damn sure. Very light head, not too much as far as the head goes.

Jim: Nah, yeah, it’s more of a soda kinda head looking.

Peter: Okay, Let’s have an aroma. That is the strangest aroma. Tomato. There’s a lot of freaking tomato in that one.

Jim: Smells like a Bloody Mary.

Peter: And now, the taste test…

Jim: Oh my.

Peter: You know… I hate to say it. Tastes a little spicy in there. And, that’s not… that’s not a bad drink.

Jim: It’s pretty good. The problem is if you’re thinking you’re drinking a beer, you might object to it. But if you’re open to just drinking something different, then it’s perfect. It has a lot of tomato, so it tastes like a Bloody Mary, but it also has the beer flavor, so it’s an interesting combination. It’s something you might have for brunch.

Peter: On second taste again… oh, you’ve got to try this beer…

Jerry: Oh I do, do I?

Peter: Yeah you do.

Jerry: I was hoping I was busy enough to avoid trying it. Thank you very much. But I guess I’ll do what I have to do… Interesting color. Not very [INAUDIBLE 04:33]

Peter: That’s what we were just saying.

Jim: It’s actually a nice taste. I could actually see–

Jerry: The tomato helps fortify the—

Peter: There’s a little spice in there.

Jerry: There is. It’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Peter: I would have to agree with that. 

Jerry: Should I say it surpasses expectations. But, my expectations were pretty low.

Peter: Oh we weren’t expecting anything. So, does it meet expectations?

 Jim: It was surprisingly good. It surpasses expectations.

Peter: There’s your answer. When it comes to the Sol Chelada it certainly exceeds expectations with those expectations were set, we must admit rather low. Nevertheless it was a much pleasant surprise. A Sol Chelada. Information will be put in the description box below.

Once again, this is Peter LaFrance from BeerBasics.com hoping all of your beers meet expectations.

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