Deep Ellum Deep Summer Ale Tasting Notes. This is Starr Hill’s Taste of Honey Belgian Style Dubbel brewed with local honey. Let’s see if it meets expectations.

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Peter: Once again, here we are at the Henry Street Ale House, and we’re going to be tasting something called Deep Summer. Everybody’s been briefed on it. The information can be found in the description box below. We’re gonna get ready to do this! Let’s crack it open! It’s a summer beer. It’s from Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas Texas. It’s a summer beer with 4.8% APV and it’s loaded with all kinds of herbs. It’s got, it has all kinds of neat stuff in it, as you can said you can see that in the description box below. We’re ready to crack it open, let’s do it. Once again the tasting group is:

Jerry: Jerry Scott.

Jim: Jim Bennet.

John: John Stascak

Peter: Today we have a new member to the group…

Ardin: Ardin…

Peter: Alright let’s take a look at this. It looks like it is a hibiscus color, is quite prominent. Very rosy color. Small head, so to speak. The aroma? Smells like beer.

Jim: A little fruity but not very strong.

Peter: Now, for the first sip… That’s an incredibly light beer. We’re talking almost no flavor, except for–

Jim: Citrus.

Jerry: I more smell the hibiscus than taste it actually. Little bit of citrus, but very very light.

Ardin: It’s a good beer. It’s a nice summer beer.

Peter: There it is, it matches…

Jerry: It’s an alternative to water.

Jim: It’s hard to test on a cold rainy day.

Peter: That’s true. It’s a cold rainy day in Brooklyn.

Jerry: If I were on Rockaway Beach, in the 90 degree beating sun, perhaps I’d find this more appealing.

Peter: Well, Deep Summer beer, does it meet expectations?

Jerry: Eh, not quite. My expectations—it was even lighter than I thought.

Jim: I would agree. It’s nice and light and a summer taste, summer flavor, but it’s a little bit too light.

Jerry: Yeah. It’s kinda lost. Not much there.

John: A little too light, a little too much citrus.

Ardin: It’s a good summer beer.

Peter: So it meets expectations?

Ardin: Yeah!

Peter: One out of five. Okay, there’s are results. One out of five it does meet expectations. For the rest of us, well, we’ll have to try it again. I’m Peter LaFrance from, hoping all of your beers meet expectations.

About Deep Ellum Brewing Company

“In 2011, Deep Ellum Brewing Company set up shop in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas – the first craft brewery to open in Dallas in over a decade. Since then, Deep Ellum has become as well known for its innovative brewing and exceptional quality as it has for its healthy disdain for the status quo. Like the notorious neighborhood it calls home, the brewery is bold, fearless, and unapologetic. The idea of “blending in” was never part of the plan – at the bar or on the shelf. In 2019, Deep Ellum brought their uncommon flavors to Fort Worth with the opening of Funkytown Fermatorium. With a commitment to staying true to their reckless streak, their rough edges and their roots, Deep Ellum has quickly grown to become the 3rd largest independent craft brewery in Texas and the 65th largest brewery overall. Led by its flagships, Deep Ellum IPA and Dallas Blonde, the brewery has amassed an extremely devoted fan base across Texas and beyond.”

Seasonal Ale Brewed with Spices for the Summer

“Dallas, Texas (April 10, 2019) Deep Ellum Brewing Company has released their crisp, pleasantly spiced summer seasonal, Deep Summer Ale, for distribution throughout the state of Texas on draft and in 6-packs of 12oz cans.”

“Deep Summer Ale is brewed with hibiscus, lemon peel and chamomile flowers. At 4.8% ABV, it’s a crushable brew made for poolside parties, barbecuing by the lake, floating the river, jamming at music fests or just chillin’ on the porch. Deep Summer Ale is deeply refreshing and pairs perfectly with any sun-soaked summertime activity.”

“With a massive dose of hibiscus flowers and lemon peel, Deep Summer packs a ton of fresh flavor into a surprisingly crushable ale,” said Deep Ellum brewer Kyle Willborn. “A light dose of hops complement the late addition of dried hibiscus to give the beer a unique pinkish hue. Paired with a backbone of Vienna malt, this brew is a perfect refreshment for a Texas summer.”

Deep Summer Ale is available throughout Texas where great craft beer is sold; and at both Deep Ellum Brewing Company locations – the original Dallas brewery and the new Funkytown Fermatorium in Fort Worth.