MAGIC HAT BELGO SUTRA QUADRUPLE Tasting Notes. Magic Hat Belgo Sutra Quadruple Ale, brewed with figs and dates. Let’s see if it meets expectations. 


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Peter: Peter LaFrance for, Meeting Expectations. Today we’re going to the back of the refrigerator. We’re going to be checking out something called Belgo Sutra. Belgo Sutra. Take a look at that. You’ll be able to see the rest of the label and all the other information in the information box below. There will be a link to where you’ll be able to get all the technical information for this, however I can tell you that it is made, consisting of dates and we got some figs to go in there as well. The alcohol by volume is 8.5, however the BUs are down around 30. So, if we have that much of an alcohol content, and that low of a bittering units, we’re going to have to guess that this is gonna be quite an old and [INAUDIBLE 01:29] beer. Probably be very sweet, it’ll probably be very dense, and with the addition of the figs and the dates, it’ll probably add a bit of sugar to it. So, once we begin, we’ll see if Magic Hat Belgo Sutra Quadruple can meet expectations.

Peter: We got our tasters here.

Jerry: Jerry Scott.

Jim: Jim Bennet.

The Tasting…

Peter: Alright, we’re all set and ready to go. Careful how you open it…

Peter: Dark in the neck.

Jim: This is a Belgium style as well?

Peter: Yep, Quadruple. Surprisingly, it stayed clear almost to the entire end of that pour. How does it look?

Jerry: It didn’t go all the way to the bottom. We got a little bit of cloudiness here. Definitely some yeast in the bottom.

Peter: There’s a thin head, but the head on this isn’t as quite as it could be, but again, it’s a very high alcohol beer, so you wouldn’t expect it that way. Note the color. It’s very dense. We’re talking as dense as you could possibly get. The aroma… Oh, yeah…

Jim: It smells like dates and figs.

Jerry: Indeed, I’m already tasting it.

Peter: Oh my, definitely a sherry type of flavor to that.

Jim: The flavor is a little lighter than I thought.

Peter: What’s your impression on this one?

Jerry: It’s very easy to drink. You can tell there’s alcohol in there, but it’s very smooth, very nice.

Peter: Jim?

Jim: Smooth and sweet and it has a much wider body to it than I expected. It was much easier to drink, like Jerry said.

Peter: I was expecting to have a lot more flowing flavor, but it doesn’t, surprisingly. Very well attenuated. The question now, does it meet expectations? Jerry?

Meeting Expectations?

Jerry: I’d say so. It’s a nice beer, quite drinkable. And, it’s stood the test of time.

Jim: It’s got a nice carbonation to it. And it certainly meets the expectations. It’s got the flavors in it and it’s not overwhelming. It’s a lighter taste than you might get out of some of these Belgium beers.

Jerry: You can definitely taste the alcohol, but it’s not prevalent. It’s not off putting in any way, It’s quite a pleasant beer.

Peter: And so, does Belgo Sutra from Magic Hat meet expectations? It certainly does. For any information that you need on the beer, please check the description box below, and if you liked this, give us a thumbs up. And if you want to know if all of our presentations that we do, click on the subscribe button. Again, I’m Peter LaFrance from, hoping all of your beers meet expectations.