BeerBasics.Com Tasting Notes. This time, we’ll be tasting Grand Teton’s Brewing Coming Home 2014. Let’s see if it meets expectations.

Link to the video:

Peter: I’m Peter LaFrance for, and this is Meeting Expectations. Okay, in Meeting Expectations, once again the tasting group. We have the bartender….

Jerry: Jerry Scott.

Peter: And…

Jim: Jim Bennet.

Peter: And we’re going to be tasting a Grand Teton Celebration Ale from… it is the Coming Home 2014. What I’m expecting is a relatively high alcohol beer…. Little bit sweet, with hopefully enough hops to balance it out. The trick is, to always have a good balance. Now, will it meet expectations? Alright, now, what does it look like. It’s good a red, amber… red. It’s a deep red color. The head is holding up rather well. The aroma is very very malty.

Jim: Little nutty in it.

Peter: Nut, there we go. And now for the taste. There’s a surprising light weight to this. Not a very overpowering… playing… It’s clean.

Jerry: It’s clean sweet. Very nice beer.

Jim: I can’t identify the aftertaste.

Peter: I can’t detect any real hop to this.

Jerry: No.

Peter: If there is, it’s put in there to balance out the incredible sweetness that really one would expect to have a molasses flavor to this.

Jerry: Definitely sweet, sugary… A little prune maybe. It’s very nice, lived up five years after bottling date.

Jim: Yes, it definitely tastes fresh, but it’s a sweet—tastes like a holiday beer.

Peter: So Jim, does it meet expectations?

Jim: I think it does. I think it certainly does. Yep. It’s kind of a dessert kinda beer.

Peter: Jerry, does it meet expectations?

Jerry: It does meet expectations. Very nice. Give it a try.

Peter: I agree. This one certainly does, out of the back of the fridge meet expectations. Hoping all of your beers meet expectations, I’m Pete LaFrance for