Top Sail Full Sail Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BOTTLE SAMPLED WAS BOTTLED IN 2011 AND TASTED IN APRIL OF 2019, Tasting Notes. Full Sail’s Top Sail Imperial Porter. A bourbon barrel-aged malt beverage aged in oak barrels. Brewed in 2011 and tasted in 2019. Let’s see if it meets expectations.

Peter: Greetings, Peter LaFrance here for from the back of the fridge, we’ve got meeting expectations. This little fellow is a Full Sail, it’s an Imperial Stout. And, it was brewed in 2011. And, it is a Full Sail company, Top Sail Imperial Porter, it is coming in at 1.6 fl oz in the bottle, and it is 9.5% alcohol by volume. So what can we expect from something like that? I would imagine a very thick viscous beer with an aftertaste probably with a little bit of the bourbon because it is aged in a bourbon barrel. And, probably a little bit weak, because it’s so high in alcohol and has been a number of years. We’re going to get ready to pour… It’s time to see if it meets expectations. Tasters?

Jerry: Jerry Scott.

Peter: And…

Jim: Jim Bennet.

Jimmy: Jimmy McKinney.

Peter: That’s got a wicked dark head.

Jerry: Indeed.

Peter: Alright, let’s check first with the aroma. I’m getting a lot of barrel, the bourbon barrel. How about it?

Jerry: Yeah, smell that bourbon in there without a doubt. A lot of alcohol in there.

Peter: A lot of bourbon barrel.

Jerry: A lot of bourbon. A lot of bourbon.

Peter: Okay, first sip…

Jim: A lot of bourbon in the taste. I’m surprised.

Jerry: Without a doubt, bourbon.

Peter: It’s a thick beer. It’s a thick sweet beer.

Jim: Very sweet.

Peter: What do you think Jimmy?

Jimmy: I love it. All the right reasons. I like sweet beers, I like heavy beers, and I love bourbon.

Peter: So this is meeting expectations?

Jimmy: Yes, indeed, I would say.

Peter: Does this meet expectations or does it exceed?

Jerry: Perhaps exceed.

Jim: Definitely exceeds.

Peter: And so, from the back of the fridge, does the Full Sail meet expectations? It certainly does, if not exceed it. Information on the beer, and all of the statistics and where you can get it, can be found in a link following below in the information box. It’s a link to where you can find these and many more tastings. I’m Pete LaFrance from hoping all of your beers meet expectations.