Grand Teton Sour Grand Saison 2015 Cellar Reserve

Original Gravity (Plato) 15.5

IBU: 34

ABV: 7.5%

Color (Lovibond): 5.0 Tasting Notes. Grand Teton Brewing Company’s Sour Grand Saison from their 2015 Cellar Reserve. Let’s see if it meets expectations.

Peter: Here we are at the Henry Street Ale House in Brooklyn once again, and we’re going to be doing some more tasting notes. This time it’s meeting expectations, and we have an interesting group right here. Once again, it’s a Grant Teton from their 2015 cellar. It’s a Sour brand Saison, so it’s going to be a Saison beer. Let’s see how it works out. Everybody here has been briefed. We got some tasters here today. Who’ve we got?

Jerry: Jerry Scott.

John: John.

Jim: Jim Bennet.

Jimmy: Jimmy McKinney.

Peter: Alright. We’re ready to go, let’s crack this one open. For those of you who are interested in more information as to what’s it in the beer…

Jerry: Oh!

Peter: It’s a gusher. A real-life gusher.

Jerry: We got a gusher. We do have a gusher.

Peter: It’s not a totally all bad beer that was taken over here. Anyways…

Jerry: Nice tight bubbles.

Peter: Everyone has been briefed on what this beer is. And if you’re interested in, you can get it in the description box down below. In fact, in the description box down below, if you’re interested in any of these beer tastings we’ve done, please subscribe, and if you really like this, give us a thumbs up. How’s it pouring?

Jerry: Pouring pretty well, after the initial explosion. Nice head. Really tight head. Very nice.

Peter: Well, this one looks a little bit cloudy. You guys picking up a little cloud in yours as well?

Jerry: You kinda got the yeast.

Peter: I got the yeast. Well, this makes it look a little better. We got a clear blonde beer. We’re expecting a very light, very tart beer because this is a Saison. So let’s take the first sip.

Jim: Don’t forget to sniff it first.

Peter: Sniff. Oh yeah.

Jim: Very fruity.

Peter: There is a nice aroma on that. Yep.

Jim: Very fruity.

Peter: Now the first sip. Wow…

Jerry: Champagne-like.

Peter: This isn’t as sour as I thought it was going to be.

Jerry; Not a lot of sour. I mean it’s got a little tart, but not sour.

Jim: It feels like a lot of apricots.

Peter: What do you think?

Jimmy: This doesn’t meet my expectations, I actually like it.

Peter: You like it? So we had someone who expected something very bitter but what did you expect?

Jimmy: It’s not overly sour at all.

Jim: It’s a nice fruity flavor.

Peter: We have a new taster here… John?

John: [INAUDIBLE 04:24]

Peter: So… does it meet expectations?

Jerry: Exceeds.

Jim: Exceeds.

Jimmy: Yep.

Peter: Alright. So… does Grand Teton Sour Grand Saison meet expectations? This time it exceeds expectations. Cheers! I’m Pete LaFrance from, hoping all your beers meet expectations.