The video above is the actual tasting as done at the Henry Street Ale House in Brooklyn, NY on Monday 1 July 2019. For some context we offer the following…

The label tells the astute literate drinker that it is a “Black Currant Session Sour Ale”. It also admits it is brewed by the Monday Night Brewing Co. in Atlanta, GA, is 4.5% abv, and is a “sour ale brewed with black currants and boysenberries.”

You will have to return to the Monday Night Brewing Co. website to find out that the brew has 5 IBUs.

According to the Monday Night Brewing Co. website…

” An easy-sipping tart ale, we added black currants and boysenberries to make this a refreshing respite after a long day. And did we mention it’s red? A taproom only exclusive.”

The folks at Beer Connoisseur tell us that …

“Currant Events by Monday Night Brewing is being evaluated as a Wild Specialty Beer (2015 BJCP Category 28C). It pours deep red that stops short of being burgundy with a vivid pink head that’s persistent for minutes and not seconds. Like many sours, this one has a bit of haze as well.”

“A moderate, clean funk nose of black currants and floral hibiscus greets you. It dominates over restrained grainy malt without additional complexity from hops. The subtle lactic acid tang is there but isn’t overbearing nor yogurt-like, which is a treat. There’s also some leather and hay in there which manifests as the beer warms.”

“The flavor picks right up where the aroma left off but with more intense characteristics. The black currant really sings when paired with leather and lacto. There’s also a strong hibiscus-like, floral, earthy flavor that blends with the other flavors. Despite all of this, the beer is well-balanced without too acidic of a finish.”

“Currant Events is a delicious, sessionable sour that clocks in at only 4.5 % ABV. Well balanced with tart fruit and funk, it should appeal to beer connoisseurs and newbies alike.”