is glad you chose to watch and see if Kona Brewing Gold Cliff IPA could meet expectations.

The following from the brewery backs up Jerry’s taste for Citra Hops.

KOMA BREWING CO. tells us…

The Notes from the brewery… ( )

Abv 7.2%
Malts: Pale 2-Row, Caramel-10, Acidulated
Hops: Chinook, Topaz, Mosaic, Citra
Special Ingredients: Tropical Pineapple


“The infusion of hops and pineapple creates a melody of flavors that compliments a wide arrange of foods. Having a Gold Cliff IPA with smoked pork, grilled ham, or chicken sausage will make any meal a luau. It even goes well with dessert, try it with a piece of moist golden cake and you will have a pineapple upside-down experience that is so ‘ono (delicious)!”


ABV% 7.20

Calories 211

Carbs (grams) 15.6

Protein (grams) 2.12

Fat (grams) 0

Sodium (mg) 9


Diver’s Paradise

“At the southern tip of Lanai, not far from the island’s first pineapple fields, lies a cobalt blue inlet rimmed with golden cliffs that welcome divers of every stripe. This is Kaunolu Cove. Catamarans anchor here beside a blade of black rock known as the Moku Noio, where snorkelers explore a dazzling rainbow of tropical fish below and cliff divers soar from the sun-drenched cliffs above. It has been said that the ancient Hawaiians once proved their courage here by making this electrifying 70-foot jump from the famed keyhole notch at the top. Today, you may still see a fearless adventurer leaping from these rocks into the cool embrace of the Pacific below.”