Good Measure Brewing Co. Early Riser

Can it “Meet Expectations”? meets Scott Kerner, Founding Partner of Good Measure Brewing Company and Carrier Roasting Company, Northfield VT.

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Welcome to, tasting notes, better known as “Meeting Expectations,” a tasting of beers sent to or purchased by this reporter on my various trips in the area.

Meeting Expectations – This is the procedure. We read the label, determine what to expect about the contents, and then taste and see the contents meets or does not meet expectations.

This time we taste Early Riser, a Cream Ale from Good Measure Brewing Co. in Northfield, Vermont. This small brewery prides itself on making clean and styles specific beers and ales.

Let’s see if Good Measure Brewing Company Early Riser Cream Ale can Meet Expectations!


Early Riser

American Cream Ale

14 IBUs // 4.8% ABV

Notes Of: White Bread, Hay, Water Crackers

5 oz // $3    16 oz // $5    750 ml // $8


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“Moderate pour yields a one-inch white head over a light straw-colored, nearly bright, body with scant lacing. The head dissipates to a ring in a few minutes but always comes back nicely with a few swirls. The nose is kind of musty hay with a little white bread. Taste is a nice, smooth blend of light hops and light malt with a slightly hoppy, crisp, and dry finish. Nice feel, and overall, this will be a wonderful summer session ale. Cheers!”

“5 oz. Draft at the source. The nose is a cereal grain, slight yeast. The flavor is mild malts giving a creamy texture for sure. The flavor is vanilla, honey, and cereal bread. A nice clean throwback beer that is what it is.”