Welcome to another “Meeting Expectations” beer tasting presented by BeerBasics.com every Sunday at 1200 hours Eastern Time.

The Meeting takes place at the Henry Street Ale House in Brooklyn Heights. The label of the can or bottle is read to determine what to expect when sampling the product. Then the bottle or can is opened, and the contents sampled. It is after a lively discussion on the topic that it is finally determined if the brew does indeed either Meet Expectations or Not.

A group of folks brews the LIC beer Project Company Man Pilsner at a Brooklyn based brewery with a reputation for its exciting artwork on their various can of beer. Of course, it comes down to what’s in the can. This one was a pleasant surprise.

Additional information on this subject:

Visit the brewery site

http://licbeerproject.com/ (Not much here other than address and hours.)

The folks at BeerAdvocate tell us that

“Company man or boss, who cares. When drinking beer, everyone is equal in the workforce.

I’m just amazed that LIC kills it. This is a must-have if you are a Pilsner seeker. This isn’t just a put it on the menu Pilsner; this is an artful expression by someone that must love Brewing this style.

The smell is grassy fields with wildflowers attracting bees representing the sweetness coming through at the end. Very hazy spring morning walk with the sun about to bust through look. So many unexpected flavors that mainstream brewers forgot to include like fine malts and dough qualities that pop to the front. Still present past this great experience is the lingering dryness and crispness that cuts through the haze.”


The site RateBeer has this to tell us

“Classic single-hopped pilsner with all Hallertau Mittlefrau hops from Germany as well as Weyerman Pilsner malt. Slightly bready with overtones of light citrus. Finishes immaculate.”