Over the Handlebars Double IPA

This “Meeting Expectations” features a Long Trail Brewing Co. specialty beer, Over the Handlebars Double IPA. The addition of Lupulin ResIn was the most intriguing factor in this tasting.

The folks at “Edible Brooklyn” explain Lupulin Resin in an article…

What Is Lupulin Powder?

By Niko Krommydas| June 28, 2017…

Lupulin Powder.

“Cradle a fresh hop flower in your palms and gently rub them together, separating the green leaves from the fine yellow powder inside. That soft stuff is called “lupulin,” and it contains all of the resin compounds and essential oils responsible for imparting hop flavor and aroma to beer. Lupulin powder also referred to as dust, is thus a purified concentration of those compounds and oils.”

“Lupulin powder is best employed during dry-hopping, or the process of adding hops to the beer after the wort‘s boiled to intensify fragrances and flavors, not bitterness. Dry-hopping has gotten so popular that many brewers of New England-style IPA are now employing two rounds of this amplification and denoting it by adding “double dry-hopped,” or DDH.”


From the brewery:
The Webpage tells us

Over the Handlebars™ Limited / Double IPA

The Essentials: 8.0% abv. / 70 IBUs

“Over the Handlebars is the first beer we’ve created with lupulin powder, a brand new, concentrated hop product from Yakima-based hop growers, YCH Hops. Before we get too far, let’s back up and explain what exactly lupulin is Lupulin refers to the yellowish powder found on the hairs beneath the flowers of female hop plants.”

“In short, lupulin is the active ingredient of hops, which contains the resins and oils that deliver the flavors and aromas that people are looking for in their modern IPAs. With lupulin powder, the resins and oils are concentrated and accentuated, allowing the flavor to shine bright. Our brew crew scored some Simcoe and Cascade powder, which they used in the dry-hopping to deliver super clean tropical and citrus flavors that come across more clearly — and less bitter — than pellets or whole-leaf hops.”

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Long Trail Brewing Co., Vermont – https://youtu.be/Q_lprJndXt4