The Bruery’s 12 Drummers Drumming Special Ale

(Sample provided by Rare Beer Club, part of – 800-625-8238)

Happy Holidays to you all!

As you saw from the video, this is a very complex beer, as well as being rather high in alcohol content.

The expectations raised by the information on the label are of a solid, thick, almost chewy black stout brew.

However, the information on the blending of 80% Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale and 20% Old Ale aged in Bourbon barrels leads expectations to go to a nuanced and multi-levels of flavors that a stout beer might obscure.

On tasting, the lack of body is enhanced by the nuttiness of the bourbon oak barrels done with a very light touch.

The stone-fruit flavors blended well with the nut accents to reveal a flavor profile mentioned by Jerry, “A Figgy Pudding”.

Happy Holidays to you all!

The Bruery tells us

The Bruery website tells us little about this one but covers quite an inventory

The tells us

“This big brew combines a dense, Belgian-style quadruple base with a smaller portion of The Bruery’s bourbon-barrel-aged anniversary ale, at a ratio of 4-to-1.”

“Generous layers of dense, dark plum, raisin and fig-like fruitiness, toffee, and peppery yeast from the quad are met by the abundantly caramelized and Sherry-like depth of the old ale. Mouthfeel is robust, viscous, and generous, with modest oaky tannins and a lean current of warming, vinous alcohol providing plenty of lift to the texture. There are particularly bold notes of toffee and fig throughout, leading up to an excellent finish of caramel and toastiness from the bourbon barrels.” offers a quote from the bottle…

“Twelve years in the making, 12 Drummers Drumming is the final release in our 12 Days of Christmas® series. A celebratory blend of our bourbon barrel-aged anniversary ale and a Belgian-style Quadrupel ale. Boisterous notes of toffee, dark fruit, caramel, and oak character bring this 12-year journey to an extraordinary close.”