Held at the Henry Street Ale House in Brooklyn, NY, these are not “Rating” sessions with a great deal of technical jargon about beer. (Minus the Beer Geek pontificating.) Do let me know what you think of this video.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, let me warn you that this is a real adventure in hops appreciation. As you can see from the pictures of the can (LINK), this is just the kind of brew that it claims to be. The necessary but attractive labeling on the aluminum can, one of the most informative I have ever seen if more breweries did there labeling in a similar educational format rather than trying to impress the customer with graphics.

That noted I would also like to mention here that there were four of us tasting Epiphany Maine IPA, thanks to Claire’s contributions.

Let me also inform you that I am not a great fan of the new NE “Juicy” ales. That said, I will admit that everything has a time and place, and this time the “Juice” won out.


Now to the rest of the story

The Brewery:


1 Industrial Way #5

Portland, ME 04103

The Folks at Foundation Brewing Co. tell us on their website (http://foundationbrew.com/beer/epiphany/) that


“We indulged in our desire to create an IPA that personifies the vivid flavors coaxed from the hop cone, painted on a canvas of soft malt that allows the flavors to shine through. Extensively hopped in the kettle, and in the fermenter, we spared nothing in making this beer.”

“Epiphany was designed to showcase the glorious flavor and aromatics of hops without any astringent bitterness.”

“Citrus, tropical fruit and pine blend to provide you with a sublimely juicy hop experience.”

“East or west coast? No. This beer is a Maine IPA.”

The BeerBasics:

Grains: Pilsner Malt, Pale Malt, Oats

Hops: Columbus, Cascade, Citra, Ella, Mosaic

Yeast: House British

ABV: 8%

IBUs: 85