Here is another example of the endless supply of variations on the India Pale Ale style (IPA).

Founders Civilized Brute

Another example of the endless supply of variations on the India Pale Ale style (IPA).

This time the balance is maintained to a remarkable degree. To find out just how Brut this brew is, you will have to watch this “Meeting Expectations” beer tasting to find out. Or you could seek out a can of Founders Civilized Brut IPA and find out for yourself. Let us know if you agree.

From the Web:

The folks at note that“A very clean and crisp bite hits your palate first with crazy dry hop feels and flavor. The dry, earthy hops are very intense with a dry, yet sharp bite and grainy dried earth flavors. Light to medium-bodied starts very light and dry, but the malt gets just a bit lager ish and slick. The malty flavors are very hearty in a grainy golden way, and hops are about as deep and complex as the style has to offer.”

Brewbound posted the following

“Civilized Brut (6% ABV) will begin shipping in November 2019 and will be released in both the Grand Rapids and Detroit taprooms on October 30. It will be available in 6-pack cans, 15-pack cans and on draft across the Brewery’s distribution footprint, which now includes 50 states. Civilized Brut will precede Pilsner and Mosaic Promise in the Brewery’s 2020 seasonal lineup, with more details to come on the 2020 brand calendar later this year.”

The Brewery tells us
ABV: 6%     IBUs: 45

Availability: Jan-Mar, Nov-Dec

“Like a fine Brut Champagne, this IPA is brilliantly bubbly, refreshingly crisp, and stunningly clear. Designed for a more sophisticated IPA drinker, Civilized Brut has a clean and restrained bitterness. The clarity and malt sweetness allow the hop notes to tantalize your senses in a bold yet never-overpowering way. Nothing savage about this brute – this IPA is unconventionally sophisticated.”