Chase Smoked Vodka

Chase Smoked Vodka:

It was interesting to sample a vodka distilled in the United Kingdom. Once our brains were tuned up, we were ready for the challenge.

My first impression, as you can see from the video, was not a good one. It took a bit of a chill to bring out the flavors and nuances that I missed when the spirit was warm.

First, some background

The folks at Chase Distillery LLC tell us that…
“Chase Distillery is a family-owned, single estate distillery, creating fine spirits and liquors from the produce grown on their farm in Hertfordshire, England since 2008.”

“Just by stepping outside the front door onto the rolling potato fields and cider apple orchards, you can see the raw ingredients that go into making each of the Chase spirits. The Chase family uses a bespoke, handcrafted copper batch pot during the distilling process, and every bottle is filled and sealed by hand.”

“We make our smoked vodka using our traditional copper-pot distilling methods by blending down our award-winning Chase Vodka with Hertfordshire’s finest oak smoked water.”

“The smoked water is made by using water from our borehole well and sits in the coolest part of the smokehouse for five days to pick up a delicate sweet ashy and smokey flavor.”

“It then passes through a mild natural filter to ensure there are no impurities gathered from the wood particles. The smoked water then gets combined with our Chase original Vodka for around seven days, creating a fantastic new taste with a smooth, soft finish.”


Nose: “Warm and inviting like a great British campfire. An initial peppery haze opens up to a lightly sweet and creamy oak smoke with delicate notes of ash flitting by in the breeze.”

Palate: “Sweet and light woody notes of licorice root greet the palate on entry. Hints of charcoal and black pepper lead the way with a trace of light tingling bitterness and spice before the billowing oak smoke that follows.”

Finish: “Soft and delicate smokiness warming like orange embers in the fireplace.”

Alcohol: 40% /80 proof

From The Web:

Tasting notes by Class Magazine:

APPEARANCE: (Forth Batch, bottle No. 807 of 1000) Crystal clear.

AROMA: Compared to the first batch, this seems to have gotten smokier. It retains smoky bacon aromas reminiscent of Frazzles (bacon-flavored corn-based snacks) but now with more motes of smoldering oak fire in a small room than out and bacon.

TASTE: Smoked streaky bacon palate with oaky dryness, but not overpoweringly smoky, served with freshly grated black pepper.

AFTERTASTE: Lingering slightly salty, bacon, savory finish.

See for yourself