Once upon a time, I had a chance to visit the Keg & Lantern to see the brewhouse and chat with the brewer.

It was interesting to get a chance to try their new (see article below) “Crowlers” and even more interesting, to venture into the world of “Fruit Beers”.

This sample was provided by the local representative of the brewery to our intrepid bartender, Jerry Scott, who offered it up to see if it could “Meet Expectations”.

As it was/is a Fruit Beer the expectations were less than eagerly anticipated. Nevertheless, we persevered, and this video presentation is the result of the experience…

What the Keg & Lantern has to say…

“When You’re In Apricots – Pale Foeder Sour w/ Apricots – 5.0% abv.”

“Our Lambic inspired, Foeder fermented & aged pale sour spent a few months on a load of fresh apricots.”

What the folks on The Web are saying…
From BeerAdvocate.com



EdibleBrooklyn.com covers the culinary as well as the beverages, including the Apricot Sour…
Keg & Lantern Is the First Brewery in the City to Offer To-Go Crowler Cans

By Niko Krommydas

December 10, 2015

“Since the addition of a small-scale brewery in the basement of Greenpoint’s Keg & Lantern in August of 2014, the bar — a casual sports-on-television spot that has always offered good beer (including a certified cask-ale program) and attracted both the neighborhood locals and transplants — has become a destination brewpub with a wide selection of flavorful house beers.”



What do you think?

Let us know when/if you get a chance to sample this beer. Are we “spot on” or did we “miss the mark”?

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